Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions along with answers:

1. What are the acceptable forms of payment?

- We use a PayPal platform. It enables express electronic payments (Visa, MasterCard, mTransfer, etc.). You can also pay by a traditional bank transfer or cash on delivery after prior contact and purchases in installments with the use of PayU.

2. Can I buy the product in installments / on credit?

No. We are working on this.

3. How long does the realization of the order take?

- Order processing time depends on the availability of goods. In the vast majority of cases, the goods are shipped within 1-2 working days. Expected delivery time can be checked on the product’s page in the “Delivery” tab. In case of doubt please contact us: info@supersound.pl.

4. For what period of are guarantees granted?

- Information about the duration of the warranty is usually visible on the product’s card. It usually ranges from 1 year do 10 years.

5. Which courier company is a shipment supplier?

- Shipments are sent by the courier company UPS. Shipment is always adequately protected against damage. If you will notice external damage of the package, do not take it from the courier. The shipment is delivered within 1 day after sending.

6. Where should service repairs be carried out?

- Only in authorized services indicated in the warranty card, in accordance with the conditions laid down by this guarantee. In case of problems, you can always write to our internal service address: serwis@supersound.pl.

7. How to place an order?

- Orders can be placed through the website (by adding products to the online shopping cart) or via e-mail: http://supersound.pl/contakt.

8. Do the prices on the website include VAT?

- Yes. The prices listed on the website are gross prices and they include VAT.

9. How much does the courier shipping cost?

- The cost courier shipping cost is 20 EUR for prepayment to the account or 25 EUR for COD shipment. Orders for an amount over 250 EUR are sent for free. Detailed data are visible in the “Delivery” tab on the product’s page.

10. I have a problem with registration, what should I do?

- In the event of any problems with registration or placing orders, please write to the following address: infor@supersound.pl. Our consultant will answer as soon as possible.

11. Do you issue VAT invoices?

- Yes. You just need to select this option in the order.