MIDI FIGHTER 64 WHITE- kolor biały- profesjonalny kontroler midi, produkowany ręcznie z wielką pieczołowitością.

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SKU: SUP_nj16920
Warranty: 3 years
Manufacturer: DJ TECHTOOLS


All Midi Fighter's feature a grid of high performance triggers designed to last a lifetime. These genuine SANWA arcade buttons feature super smooth operation with an unparalleled level of sensitivity.

The Midi Fighter 64 also features beautiful full-color ring lighting, with color and a range of animations controlled via MIDI. Our hardware is the only controller in the world with built in animations that can be triggered by MIDI or directly from the buttons without any complex clip programming.

Our Buttons:
  • Rated to Last 5 million presses
  • Full 1mm of travel
  • Bounces back like a real drum
  • Made in Japan
  • Ball bearing contacts work every time
  • Clear audible feedback
  • Only on the Midi Fighter
  • Ultra-low latency (industry leading, due to unique button design)
Their Buttons:
  • 40,000 presses before failure
  • No travel
  • No bounce back
  • Made In China
  • Metal Dome contact is prone to errors
  • Minimal feedback is barely audible
  • Inside every controller in the world, including your TV remote
  • Slower response (not optimized for rapid fire playback)
Why do serious finger drummers and live performers like Mad Zach, Ill Gates, Korn, David August and countless other Dj's and bands use a Midi Fighter on Stage? With rock solid reliability, easy to understand layouts and deep customization - this controller delivers show after show. The Midi Fighter is the original, and still the gold standard for finger drummers around the world?  It's the only controller that feels like a real drum with natural travel, bounce back and audible feedback. 

"I'd been waiting for this to hit the public, even as a limited edition. Fastest purchase I've ever made, and I don't regret it a bit. I've used pad controllers, launchpads etc but nothing delivers the same feel and response as the MF64. Straight up my favorite piece of gear in my studio."
Jesse Malinen  - August 18, 2017

Built To Last

With buttons rated at 5 million presses and the best components in the world - there is a reason we get very few returns. These controllers are built to last the test of time, and deliver show after show.  Dj's and producers use the controllers around the world on stage and in the studio. The button lighting customization options are often used to color code each button by function so critical functions are clearly visible.

"I love this controller and use it so much in my art - I picked the Midi fighter over any other controller because of the buttons. They are so playable with rapid fire response "    Shawn Wasabi  - touring artist 

"I love it. The buttons on it feel great. The arcade style buttons bounce back. They feel really nice to tap and it allows me to tap a lot faster on them." Teqqnix  - popular YouTubber 

Plug and Play

Unpack and start playing right away. The Midi Fighter 64 is perfect for use with Mad Zach’s sound packs. This means you'll get a constant stream of expertly crafted material for both practice and inspiration. Every customer will get a free set of professional sound packs built for this controller from some of the top finger drummers in the world including: 

  • Shawn Wasabi 
  • Apoth 
  • Mad Zach 
  • Choke 
  • Ill Gates
Simply plug in one single USB cable and the Midi Fighter is powered up and ready to go. Load any soundpack into Ableton Live and you will have a full song at your fingertips.

"Amazing. So much fun to play. Mad Zach has some really fun samples just to get down to I've been using with the fighter. The arcade style buttons are so responsive. Easy and super fun. You won't regret the purchase. Also DJ Tech Tools customer support while asking questions about this was so informative and helpful. "  extrasnice -  July 7, 2017

Custom Built For You

Each Midi Fighter 64 is hand built and individually numbered in our San Francisco workshop to your specifications. Get the controller you want, and feel confident in knowing it is professionally built to last. You get a choice of black or white cases and we also offer custom "off menu" button and top options including pink, blue, gold and silver. Just talk with our live chat team to find out what's possible. 

Key Features & Specs:
  • Customizable, animated LED color rings
  • Class compliant
  • Size - 10x10x1.75 inches
  • Weight - 3.28 pounds
  • USB B Type B - High reliability connector
  • USB Powered - No wall socket required
  • USB MIDI Class Compliant - No drivers required for Mac or PC
  • Windows 7® (32/64 Bit) or higher
  • Pentium®/Athlon® XP 1.8 GHz OR Core™2/AMD Athlon™ X2, 2 GB RAM
  • Mac OS X® 10.10 or higher, Intel® Core™Duo 1.66 GHz, 2 GB RAM
  • USB 2.0 port
Why DJ TechTools?
  • Every order directly supports the DJ community
  • Free shipping on most products to the US
  • Fast inexpensive shipping options to Europe
  • Every purchase is backed by the DJ TechTools "way cool" guarantee with easy returns
  • Professional DJ staff is online and ready to help
  • Best price guarantee
Warranty period 3 years

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